Our Approach

Christianity is a holistic and historical religion that looks toward the redemption of the world at the hands of a divine messiah and his community of believers. Our approach to the Middle East reflects those same attributes: holistic, historical, gospel-centered, and community-driven.

Our approach is also:

  • Rooted in a deep understanding of the peoples, cultures, and history of the region, recognizing the power and importance of religion for the societies that live there;
  • Guided by the values of human life and dignity; cultural diversity; national self-determination; federalism and local governance; freedom of thinking, speaking, being, and becoming; and accountability and rule of law; and
  • Mindful that the church and the state have different roles to play when it comes to the Middle East, and that neither role can be neglected. Mercy cannot be pursued without justice; peace cannot be pursued without order. Christians are citizens of both church and state and have a unique responsibility to steward their dual citizenship for benefit of their neighbor and the kingdom of God.      

We cannot bring change to the Middle East – that task belongs to the people who live there. However, we can build alliances with those on the ground who share our vision and want to move the region toward order and liberty.

The Greek word philos means friend, and our task is to identify those friends in the region who share our values – be they Christian, Jew, Muslim, or anyone else – and do what we can to empower them.