What is the Philos Action Fund?

The Philos Action Fund is the humanitarian aid fund of the Philos Project to change lives on the ground in the Middle East. The fund is used for projects that have objective and measurable impact. The fund is not used to cover overhead and operating costs of the Philos Project. This means that every dollar raised through this fund directly supports the projects that Philos implements in the region to promote peace and religious freedom.


Who does it impact?

The projects that this fund supports are run by Philos Fellows who work to protect and empower Christians and other minorities in the Middle East. These projects include reuniting Christian families who have been separated due to persecution in Gaza; providing aid and educational resources for Iraqi Christian communities; developing leaders and advocating for Coptic rights in Egypt; facilitating Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation; restoring the Aramean Christian identity in the Galilee; and promoting Jewish-Christian relations in Israel.


How can I join?

Everyone who supports the Philos Action Fund becomes a Philos Action Partner and will receive updates on the impact of their donation. To become a Philos Action Partner, go to , fill out the donation form and select “Philos Action Fund” as your cause. Thank you for your generosity!



To become a Philos Action Partner, simply fill out the donation form below. Thank you for your generosity!