African American Affairs

Developing and Empowering Black Leaders

The goal of the African American Affairs initiative is to provide African American leaders in ministry, journalism, advocacy with the tools to understand the Near East, the historical bond blacks have with the Jewish community, and to initiate positive change and spark action. Find out more about our African American Affairs programs below.

Krystal Bracy African American Affairs Associate A native of Oakland, CA, Bracy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley and the Master of Divinity degree from Duke University with concentrations in Homiletics, Black Church Studies and African and African American Studies. Bracy’s research and studies have taken her to the continents of Africa, Europe, South America and extensively throughout the continental United States and her future educational plans include law school. In addition to her academic credentials, Bracy is a licensed Evangelist Missionary of the Church of God in Christ.

Alongside her scholarship, she is passionate about social justice and improving the spaces in which people of color study, work, worship and live. Outside of her career, Bracy energetically volunteers within the Durham community. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, baking and spending time with her friends, family and other loved ones.

African American Leadership Programming

Historically, AAL leaders have participated in leadership weekends hosted by the Philos Project across the U.S. Our AAL leaders come from around the country, and our leadership weekends allow leaders to reconnect and participate in discussions about their local communities and the larger Philos mission.

Stay tuned for more information on future programming launching in 2022.

Highlights from our recent leadership summit in New York City

Our AAL leaders participated in discussions on what it means to be a Black pro-Israel leader.

August 2021

Attendees hear from a local Jewish Rabbi on the importance of solidarity between African Americans and Jewish people.

August 2021

Listening to Dru Johnson teach about Hebraic Thought.

August 2021

Anat Sultan-Dadon and Wendell Shelby talk about the importance of cultivating community connections within the Jewish and Black communities.

August 2021

Group discussions on what it means to be a Black pro-Israel leader.

August 2021

Trip To Minneapolis

“Change begins with a conversation.” This was the motto for our summit in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, bringing white and black evangelical leaders together for 3 days of listening and conversation focused on topics of race, religion, and policy. After engaging with Minnesota community leaders and pastors, our cohort took away these key truths to help move our community forward: The problem is spiritual; Christianity offers the best way forward; The solution requires key focus on the black church; What is needed is a more productive dialogue between white and black evangelicals.

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Krystal Bracy
African American Affairs Associate Director