Coptic Christmas Campaign

Help us raise $25,000 for Coptic Christians This Christmas

The Philos Project is a community of people working to promote pluralism in the Near East. One of the many communities the Philos Project partners with is the Church of the East. The Coptic Church is a beacon of hope for the Near East. The community's existence is proof that pluralism in the region is possible.

Christmas For Coptic Christians

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Why Coptic Christmas?

The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt is gearing up for Christmas, one of the holiest days on the calendar. Coptic Church celebrates the birth of Christ on January 7th because they follow the Julian calendar. Following a 43-day fast leading up to Christmas, the community breaks their fast with a special meal. In addition, children are usually gifted a new outfit to wear to Christmas midnight mass.

Due to high poverty rates, many Coptic families are unable to afford the outfits and the meal. The Philos Project is raising $25,000 to send food and clothing to 50 Coptic families in Egypt.