Fellow Spotlight: Khalil Sayegh

Philos Project | November 21, 2017

Khalil Sayegh is an associate fellow of the Philos Project. Khalil is speaking truth and advocating for reconciliation and friendship in the name of Jesus from the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Who is Khalil?

Khalil is a Palestinian Christian, born in the Gaza strip. Growing up, Khalil was taught that Israel and the West were responsible for the suffering of all Palestinians, and he grew to hate both. After the 2008 Gaza war, Khalil decided to move to the West Bank, where he was exposed to the true Christian faith. His life changed dramatically when he accepted Christ and start following His teaching. As result of his conversion, Khalil started working to love the people who he’d grown up seeing as enemies: Israel and West. As he succeed in loving them, Khalil recognized how much bitterness and hate had made him blind toward reality. Today, Khalil expresses a great love for his people, and believes that turning from bitterness and hate is the only way forward. Khalil is working to change the perception of Israel and the West, fighting anti-Semitism, and educating his neighbors about good things their so-called “enemies” are doing.

Why it’s important

In the midst of such an emotionally charged, eternal clash as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Khalil is a patient advocate of truth, love, and reconciliation within the West Bank.

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