Protecting and preserving the indigenous Christian communities of Iraq

Who is Juliana?

Juliana Taimoorazy is the founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and a senior fellow of the Philos Project.

As a senior fellow at the Philos Project, Juliana is the advisor on the issue of persecuted Christians in the Near East, developing policy, authoring columns, and speaking around the globe to raise awareness. As a young woman in 1989, fleeing religious harassment in Iran, Juliana was smuggled into Switzerland and Germany before receiving asylum in America. In 2000, she obtained her Master’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University.

Today, through her activism, speaking engagements and regular media appearances, both in the U.S. and internationally, Juliana has tirelessly shared her personal story and promoted the cause of Iraqi Christians throughout the world. She will soon be releasing a book sharing her personal experiences and the plight of her people, called “Daughter of Nineveh.”


Digital Nineveh

Raising funds to purchase computers for Iraqi Christian schools in the Nineveh Plains.

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