Promoting pluralism and understanding between Christians, Muslims, and Jews in and around the Palestinian Territories

Who is Khalil?

Khalil is a Palestinian Christian, born in the Gaza strip. Khalil holds a Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Bethlehem Bible College. Growing up, Khalil was taught that Israel and the West were responsible for the suffering of all Palestinians, and he grew to hate both. After the 2008 Gaza war, Khalil moved to the West Bank. Here he was exposed to the true Christian faith. His life changed dramatically when he accepted Christ and started following His teaching. As a result of his conversion, Khalil started working to love the people he’d grown up to believe were the enemies: Israel and the West. As he succeeded in loving them, Khalil recognized how bitterness and hate had blinded him from reality.

Today, Khalil expresses a great love for his people, and believes that turning from bitterness and hate is the only way forward. Khalil is working to change the perception of Israel and the West, fighting antisemitism, and educating his neighbors about the good the other side is doing. 



Introducing Palestinian Christians and Muslims to Israel and the Israeli people through day-trips over the Green Line.

Gaza Exodus

Assisting Palestinian Christians who escaped conflict and persecution in Gaza.

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