Promoting pluralism and understanding between Christians, Muslims, and Jews in and around the Palestinian Territories

Who is Khalil?

Khalil is a Palestinian Christian born and raised in the Gaza Strip. Growing up, Khalil was filled with bitterness towards the Jewish people after witnessing Israeli air strikes in his neighborhood and being taught that Israel was responsible for all of his suffering. As a member of Gaza's small Christian minority, Khalil was frequently harassed for his faith which caused him to struggle with his identity and place in Palestinian society. After the 2008 war between Israel and Hamas, Khalil moved to the West Bank where he was exposed to the power of the gospel for the first time. As he started following Christ, Khalil was able to love his Jewish enemy and remove the bitterness he felt towards those Muslims who had mistreated him.

Khalil knows firsthand how hatred can blind us from seeing the humanity of the other. A proud Palestinian who loves his people and stands with them in the midst of suffering, he nevertheless believes that real peace can come only when Palestinians root out the negative perceptions of the Jewish people that are so pervasive throughout their society. For this reason, Khalil is working to change minds by educating his neighbors to see the good the other -- whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. 

Khalil recently completed his studies at Bethlehem Bible College and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.


Gaza Exodus

Reuniting separated Palestinian Christian families and resettling them in the West Bank. 


Introducing Palestinian Christians and Muslims to Israel and the Israeli people through day trips over the Green Line. 

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