Action is a pivotal part of our faith. Caring for the Middle Eastern church cannot stop with interest and compassion.

That is why the Philos Project developed the Awaken project, to raise awareness of the plight of Christians in the Middle East who are giving their lives and livelihoods to defend their faith, and to raise funds for those persecuted brothers and sisters.

Every day it remains in power, the Islamic State continues to crush the remnants of Iraqi and Syrian Christian communities, beheading men and women, kidnapping and enslaving children, destroying ancient churches, and murdering clergy. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled before the advancing jihadis, causing the massive humanitarian crisis that rages on today. Daily, persistent violence toward Christians in Iraq and Syria makes martyrs of Christians— whose witness is sealed with their lives and the blood of their necks.

Awaken is a giving portal for Western Christians seeking to meet the needs of Eastern Christians who need help. Our staff diligently vets churches and organizations to ensure that donated money gets to Christians on the ground, and provides detailed reports about how the money is spent.

Funds from Awaken are used to:

  • Rebuild Christian homes
  • Provide fellow believers with food, shelter and medicine
  • Support churches that are ministering to Christian refugees
  • Create a safe haven for Iraqi Christians
  • Distribute Bibles to every family to whom we provide aid