Strategic Leadership Trips

From time to time, the Philos Project brings high-level Christian leaders on fact-finding trips to Israel that are tailored to their needs and interests. These leaders come from variety of fields including public policy, ministry, education, and journalism, but all of them want to understand the spiritual and political realities of life in the Holy Land today. Our trips emphasize the human diversity, historical complexity, and spiritual relevance of this land, and help participants understand how they can better advance the cause of justice and peace for the people who live there.

Here’s what some of them are saying:


The Philos Project trip to Israel exceeded my expectations in every way. The fascinating part of this trip is that they did not just expose us to the key places in Israel, but also enabled us to experience the key people in Israel. Learning from experts of diverse viewpoints, the group of SBC pastors and leaders that the ERLC took on the trip left their time in Israel better equipped to understand Middle East dynamics and advocate for international justice and religious liberty.”

— Phillip Bethancourt, Vice President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

“As a child of the 80s and 90s evangelical church and a pastor of thirteen years, I landed in Israel with well founded skepticism about yet another organization claiming to be experts on how the church should engage the Middle East. I spent eight days in Israel and the West Bank with The Philos Project. As a 38-year-old pastor, I left convinced that this is an evangelical organization capable of equipping Kingdom leaders to engage the Middle East both with a biblical worldview and with convictional kindness. I highly recommend The Philos Project as a leading resource for equipping the local church in this important theatre of the world.”

—Nathan Lino, President of the Texas Southern Baptist Convention

“I was struck again on this trip by the reality that Israel is surrounded on all sides by hostile neighbors and that the nation itself is very small. But I was also struck by the outsized impact Israel has, both in the region and in the world. Just a handful of people transformed sand dunes near Jaffa into Tel Aviv in less than 100 years. Just a handful of people gathered in a private home in Tel Aviv to declare the nation state a reality less than 70 years ago.”

—Carmen Fowler LaBerge, President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee

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