Sponsored by the Philos Project and the Museum of the Bible Foundation, Passages offers Christian college students with leadership potential a fresh and innovative approach to experiencing the Holy Land.

Participants encounter the roots of their Biblical faith first-hand and come face to face with the modern-day miracle that is Israel. Upon their return, participants have opportunities to build upon their trip experiences by engaging in further leadership training, with an end goal of being an informed voice for both their Christian faith and for Israel.

“Go to Israel. I don’t just mean going to see the biblical sights; I’m talking about engaging the culture and learning about Israel as a modern state. Passages helped facilitate this experience for me. This new and growing organization gave me the opportunity to hear from speakers on all sides of the issues Israel faces. They gave me a trip that was well-rounded spiritually and educationally on both ancient and modern Israel alike. Students, if you ever get the chance to travel with Passages I promise you will not regret it, and if you’re like me, it will truly change your life forever.”

—Erin Ashcraft, Southwest Baptist University

The itinerary is designed to accomplish the two goals of our organization: to point trip participants to the roots of their Biblical faith and to introduce them to the complex landscape of modern Israel, with the goal of building bridges of understanding and friendship between our two countries. The itinerary includes visits to foundational biblical sites as well as sites relevant to the history of the modern Jewish state. Participants will hear from a diverse set of speakers and local people throughout who will help the student understand Israeli culture, government and economy, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and geopolitical and security issues surrounding Israel.

“I have a responsibility to tell Israel’s story, and to tell it well. When I think of Israel, I am now able to picture a young, thriving, resilient, loving, and hopeful nation-state that needs our support. We mustn’t forget that we, too, were once a fledgling nation much like Israel, valuing freedom above all else while facing the greatest of uncertainties. And although we are limited in our abilities here in America to help bring peace in the Middle East, we can still help in an immeasurable way through prayer and through changing the conversation about Israel from one of negativity to one of support. The next time you find yourself assuming something said about Israel in the media is true, check yourself. Because the Israel I read about here, and the Israel I encountered over there––they were two entirely different things.”

—Larissa Clark, Hillsdale College

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