Regional Chapters

The Philos Project is a network of Christian leaders who are committed to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East. Since our founding, we have welcomed leaders into our network by taking them on immersive trips in the region and providing them with educational resources.

As our cadre has grown and diversified, we have realized the necessity of establishing local hubs for our constituents to connect and gather. To this end, we have launched the regional Chapter Program.

Our goal with the Philos Chapter Program is to strengthen our presence and deepen our relationships with our friends across the nation. Philos staff can’t be everywhere in the country, but our leaders are, and our chapter program gives them the opportunity to represent Philos in their communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Philos chapters or launching a chapter in your community please contact our Constituent Relations Director, Rebecca Gonzales at

Existing Regional Chapters

Washington, D.C.

President: Ashley Muse

Vice President: Naofa Noll

Secretary: Alex Titus