The Philos Project is a network of Christian leaders from all walks of life who are bound together by shared faith and a common concern for the people of the Near​ East. Since our founding in 2014 we have developed this network through immersive travel and education, and recently have begun to establish city-based chapters to promote positive Near East engagement in local communities across North America and the world.

Philos chapters are local hubs for Philos community and conversation that seek to drive change from the bottom up. They are led by graduates of The Philos Leadership Institute and are comprised of likeminded people who want to pray, learn, and advocate together. Each year Philos chapters organize events, host speakers, and seek to educate and influence local leaders to engage with important Near East issues in tangible ways. Chapter members benefit from unique access to advanced travel and training opportunities from The Philos Project


Check out our Youtube channel for videos on our chapter and network events!