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The Religious and Political Ideas of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

In this online course, Robert Nicholson, president of The Philos Project, looks into the big ideas of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In each class, he examines topics like Zionism, Islamism, and Palestinian nationalism by studying primary texts and the people who wrote them. Registration is on a rolling basis. 

Jesus, Jews, and Zionism:

The Philos Projects Presents Jewish-Christian Relations


Hispanic Affairs Director Jesse Rojo hosts this conversation with Dr. Faydra Shapiro, director for the Israel Center for Jewish- Christian Relations.

At some point, most Christians and religious Jews ask poignant questions regarding one another. What is the history between the Christians and the Jews and can it be reconciled? How do the two faiths intersect? How can practicers and believers of both religions find common ground and even learn from one another? These questions and more are explored by Rojo and Shapiro.

Israel a Cappella (Español)

Creado por Philos Latino, Philos Project presenta el documental, Israel a Cappella.

Experimenta y conoce los lugares donde nació la historia de amor más poderosa que jamás haya existido. La tierra de nuestro Salvador Jesucristo.


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 101

The Philos Project President Robert Nicholson takes us through the complicated past, present and future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How did this struggle begin? Who were the main actors throughout its complicated history? And how do we look at the conflict pragmatically today? Nicholson answers these questions and more.



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