Philos Fellowship

The Philos Fellowship grants fellows the unique opportunity to promote real change on the ground in alignment with the Philos mission. Advocacy projects will place young Christian leaders on the ground in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East where they will work alongside local community leaders. Each project will be developed with an emphasis on brevity and sustainability.

Mariam Wahba Associate Director of Advocacy Mariam is the Associate Director of Advocacy with the Philos Project. Mariam graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Middle East studies, Arabic, and Jewish studies. While she currently resides in NYC, Mariam was born in Menya, Egypt. Previously, she was the Policy Intern at In Defense of Christians, a Hertog Political Science Fellow, and a Tikvah Fund Journalism Fellow. Her interests include Middle East Foreign Policy, Religious Freedom and Plurality, and Israeli-Arab relations. In her free time, Mariam enjoys reading history books, cooking, and watching American sitcoms.