The Region Podcast

Why Israel Matters: Old Testament Roots with Gerald McDermott

Dr. Gerald McDermott of Beeson Divinity School chats with Executive Director Robert Nicholson about evidence in the Old Testament that shows the land of Israel still matters to God—and should still matter to Christians today.

The Region: Startup Nation with New York Times Bestselling Author Dan Senor

New York Times bestselling author Dan Senor discusses the entrepreneurial spirit makes Israel’s economy tick, as explained in his book Startup Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle.

The Region: How a Supercessionist Decided That Israel Matters

Dr. Gerald McDermott expains how he came to believe that the land of Israel still matters to God—and should still matter to Christians today.

Abbas’ Visit to Washington & Arab-Israeli Peace Negotiations

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with President Donald Trump in Washington on May 3 for their first face-to-face talks since Trump moved into the White House.

Jewish-Christian Relations and the Significance of Passover with Faydra Shapiro

What is the significance of Passover to the Jewish people? Where do the traditions come from? What are the connections between Passover and Easter? Join Philos Project Associate Fellow Faydra Shapiro for an interactive session to learn what Jews and Christians share in these ancient traditions.

Policy Recommendations on Middle East Minorities with Andrew Doran

Last week marked one year since Congress and the Obama Administration declared the actions of the Islamic State against minorities in Iraq and Syria to be a genocide. Very little has been done to ensure the safety of these minorities in the future.