You could teach English in Nazareth

The Philos Project Team | March 2, 2018

Right now our Israel Engagement Program Teaching Fellows are participating in a three-month organized program of community service, study and touring in Israel. The fellows are helping enrich the English-learning curriculum for students at Jewish and Arab Christian schools. They are studying Jewish-Christian relations and contemporary Israeli society. And, of course, they are exploring the local archaeological, religious, and historical sites.

Meet current participant Anna Babcox: 

Who are you, what are your passions, and how did you become interested in Israel?

My name is Anna Babcox. I’m from Portland Oregon, and I study Bible & Theology and English at Multnomah University. I love nature, theology, and good cafes. My interest in Israel began with my academic study of the Bible. My university required a major in Bible and Theology first and surprisingly it was those classes that captured my heart. As I studied, I realized that this book was disconnected in my mind from the land of its origin. When I was given the opportunity to visit Israel the first time with “Passages”, I realized that I simply had to go.

How did you decide to pursue the Israel Engagement Program?

During my first trip to Israel I fell in love with it hard. I dreamt about returning and, as I recovered from my Zion-homesickness, I heard about this program. After I had heard the program instructor—Dr. Faydra Shapiro—speak during my first trip, I knew I would love studying under her in this way.

What questions did your friends or family raise about your decision to do this program? 

“Is it dangerous?” Nope. “Really?” Really! “Do you need to get shots?” No, its a first world country. “So, are you going to be staying in like tents and riding camels?” No, it’s a first world country. “Does this give you college credit for your degree?” Talk to your degree program advisor. The program is not formally accredited, but talk to your advisor about it! “Will you actually come back?”

Would you recommend the program?

I would absolutely recommend this program! If you love Israel’s people and culture and if you have a passion for Jewish-Christian relations, then you have to come do this! Israelis ask us all the time, “But why would you want to come to Israel?” Make sure that you have a good answer to that question for them, for your family, and for yourself. “Why do you love Israel?” Once you find that answer turn in your application, pack your bags and prepare for the most rewarding adventure of your life.

The Philos Project is currently accepting applications for the upcoming two semesters of the Israel Engagement Program. If you or someone you know would like to apply, click here for more.

To follow Anna’s blog during her time in Israel, click here.