The Philos Leadership Institute is a year-long apprenticeship program designed to equip young Christians for real-world advocacy. PLI’s 2020 theme is the problem of antisemitism. The program will begin with an once-in-a-lifetime, two-week experience in Poland, Hungary, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. The trip portion of the program will include confidential briefings, educational tours, and advanced seminars that enhance participants’ understanding of the moral and political issues at stake in the region. 
Following the trip, participants will take part in a year-long apprenticeship program, working together with the Philos team to carry out a multifaceted advocacy project across three continents. The project will involve participants in Jewish-Christian relations, US foreign policy, and relational diplomacy. Over the course of the year participants will integrate learning with action. They will develop leadership and decision-making skills as well as advocacy methods and techniques.  Participants will work closely with Philos staff as they brainstorm, plan, and execute the year’s advocacy project. Further details will be given during the application process.  


Passages, a partner organization of The Philos Project, offers an introductory 9-day travel experience for Christian college students with leadership potential who are looking for a fresh and innovative approach to experiencing the Holy Land. The trip is heavily subsidized. The goal of Passages is to reconnect young Christians with the birthplace of their faith and to help them understand the complex realities of life in modern Israel.

Participants visit churches and biblical sites. They meet local people and hear diverse perspectives. They worship and pray in the places where Jesus walked. They study culture, government, security, and economy. Throughout the trip, they are challenged to deepen their faith as well as their concern for the people who live in the land today.

Upon their return, participants can build upon their trip experiences through further education and travel, including advanced leadership opportunities with The Philos Project.



Each year, The Philos Project executes various "Fact Finding" trips where participants are hand-selected and explore a certain topic or issue.