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The key words being "nuanced" and "immersive," our trips are the best expression of our unique approach to understanding and engaging the Near East.


Throughout the year we host an array of trips focusing with different goals - some to conduct fact-finding, others to foster leadership training. We host people of all varieties of views, fields, faith traditions, backgrounds, and more. 


Learn more about our trips and find out which one is best for you! 

The PHilos Leadership INstitute 

The Philos Leadership Institute is a year-long and subsidized apprenticeship program designed to equip young Christians for real-world advocacy. In the past four years since PLI's inaugural trip, participants have traveled to Israel, The Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Egypt, Poland, and Hungary (and NYC for training!). The program includes confidential briefings, educational tours, leadership building activities, and advanced seminars that enhance participants’ understanding of the moral and political issues at stake in the region. 


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The daughter organization of The Philos Project, Passages takes American Christian college students on a nine-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Through the trip and intensive post-trip education, Passages strengthens the faith of these individuals, connects them to Israel, and prepares them for a life of Christ-centered leadership.

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