January 8, 2023

Anti-Christian hate crimes in Israel: Where are our chief rabbis?

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by Dr. Faydra Shapiro, Senior Research Fellow

For Jewish religious leaders to walk a moral path, they must speak out to protect Israel’s minorities and prevent Jewish radicals from turning violent

In his third notebook, Albert Camus wrote that “democracy is not the law of the majority but the protection of minorities.” This emphasis is a welcome reminder today in Israel: as our controversial current government is excused by many who shrug and remind us that this is what the majority of Israelis chose. Perhaps so. But is the law of the majority the sole test of a true democracy?

A week ago, two young ostensibly religious Jews broke into the historic Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion and vandalized dozens of gravestones, including pulling down several crosses. One of the desecrated headstones included one with a bust of the second Protestant bishop in Jerusalem, the Reverent Samuel Gobat. The perpetrators carried out this shameless destruction proudly wearing kippot and tzitit (ritual fringed garment)…