December 29, 2022

Azerbaijan & Turkey’s Ominous Assault against Armenians

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by Uzay Bulut, Research Fellow

Azerbaijan continues its political, economic, and above all, military assaults against the indigenous Armenian people living in Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh, in the South Caucuses.

On December 12, Azerbaijan blocked the crucial Lachin Corridor, which is the Republic of Artsakh’s only lifeline. It’s Artsakh’s route to the outside world. This blockade means Artsakh is currently deprived of food, medical supplies, and other vital supplies transported to the region via the Lachin Corridor. Azerbaijan also cut off the gas supply to Artsakh, creating another humanitarian crisis there. This was the third time this year that the gas supply was cut. On December 16, the gas supply was restored in Artsakh, but the Azerbaijani blockade continues to cut off 120,000 Armenians living in the region from the rest of the world.

This aggression had culminated during the 44-day Azeri-Turkish war against Artsakh in 2020, during which many war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed against Armenians. Summary executions, torture, inhuman treatment, extensive destruction of properties, unlawful deportation, and the taking of hostages were commonplace. During the war, the Azerbaijani armed forces intentionally targeted the civilian population, bombarding towns, and villages in Artsakh.