April 24, 2023

Iran’s State-Sponsored Misogyny: A Regime Built on Brutal Violence Against Women

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by Farhad Rezaei, Senior Research Fellow

The Islamic regime in Iran is notorious not only for its systematic discrimination against women and other gender minorities, but also for using brutal violence to subjugate and exclude them from society.

Iran’s ruling regime inflicts a wide range of cruelties on gender minorities, including murder, imprisonment, torture, rape, enforced disappearance, and other forms of sexual violence. This persecution, based solely on gender, is a flagrant violation of international law. Additionally, the regime is responsible for the use of chemical agents against schoolgirls in Iran, and perpetrates other heinous acts that cause immense suffering and severe physical and mental harm.

The conduct of the Islamic Republic reveals that since the regime’s establishment in 1979, it has been imposing a brutal system on Iranian women and girls by implementing laws, policies, and practices that perpetuate their prolonged and harsh discriminatory treatment.