February 17, 2023

New Documentary Captures Greek Resistance to Nazis and Holocaust in WWII

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by Uzay Bulut, Research Fellow

“I’m a Greek but it seems I’m kind of different from my fellow countrymen.

Most of the people in my family have uncommon names that don’t really sound Greek like Rachel, Daniel, and Nissim. Till the 1940s, these names were not uncommon in my country. But while I was growing up, they were. My grandfather had an uncommon name, as well: Leon. I never met him. Mom describes him as adorable, charming, and funny. His life was just as uncommon…”

This is the introduction to the ground-breaking documentary film “My People” by Anna Rezan, whose grandfather Leon was arrested by German Nazi occupiers in Athens during WWII. Rezan’s Jewish great-grandmother, Rachel, was deported and lost her life in Auschwitz.

“My People” relates the stories of Greek-Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust, as well as the heroic resistance of the Greeks against the Nazis. The film is the “brainchild” of Rezan, whose mother is a Greek Jew and father a Greek Christian.