July 4, 2024

Restoring American liberalism and leadership

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by The Philos Project

Restoring American liberalism and leadership

On this Independence Day, as we celebrate our freedom as Americans, we are reminded why we strive to restore America’s liberalism and leadership in the world.

“Under the banner of her deepest traditions, and with the proper humility befitting the historic moment, America is able to rise to the required quality of leadership.

Leadership means vigorous companionship, rational guidance, unflagging interest, genuine concern for the welfare of even the least and weakest, willingness to negotiate and consider, clarity of fundamental aim, certainty as to the possession of the truth…”

— Charles Malik, a Christian Lebanese statesman, wrote in his essay America in the World [read the full essay on the Charles Malik Institute’s archive]

Charles Malik, writing in 1951, calls for America to lead in the spirit of the Hebraic Tradition.

The academic and elite Western guilt trends sweeping America and Europe profoundly misunderstand the role the United States and the West have played in advancing individual freedoms and rights in modern history.

Today, particularly since Hamas’ October 7th attack against Israel, this trend is amplified by the rise of Islamist support in social justice and educational circles.

How can we reverse these anti-Western forces, building on decades of anti-Western thought, and restore America’s sense of liberalism and leadership?

We must return to our spiritual roots in Judeo-Christian tradition, the realization that our rights and values are derived from the God of the Bible.

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