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Who We Are

Philos Catholic seeks to positively engage Catholics with the historical birthplace of their faith and build friendships with the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim people of the Holy Land. Our goal is to reconnect Catholics with their Hebraic roots, educating them about the Near East region.

Coalition of Catholics Against Antisemitism

The Coalition of Catholics Against Antisemitism is a movement of Catholic leaders who are committed to combatting antisemitism and promoting ties with the Jewish community.

All Catholics are invited to sign our statement of solidarity and action with the Jewish people.

Sign our Statement of Catholics Against Antisemitism

"I feel like I've grown in my Catholic faith by walking in the footsteps of Jesus...."

What does Philos Catholic do?

  1. 1

    Reconnect Catholics with their Hebraic roots in Near East

    Our roots are in the Jewish people, their scripture, their thought, and the land

  2. 2

    Reconnect Catholics with their own origins in Near Eastern Christianity

    We seek to connect Catholics with their history as well as the presence and contributions of Christians in the region today

  3. 3

    Better understand diverse Christian approaches to Israel, and the region’s politics and culture more broadly

    This includes exploring replacement theology in the Church today

  4. 4

    Confront the harm done to the Jewish people by Catholic institutions and persons throughout history

Sponsored Pilgrimages

Philos Catholic sponsors pilgrimages to the Holy Land for select groups of Catholic priests and seminarians

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James O'Reilly

"Having been well educated in Western Church history, I sought to find an avenue for reconnecting and engaging with the Eastern church and with my fellow Christians there. Philos Catholic has been the perfect gateway for such an encounter and has challenged, stretched, and deepened my faith to invaluable degrees and in ways that I'll never fully appreciate or understand."

What we've been up to

Nostra Aetate and The Future of Catholic-Jewish Relations

A conference with Franciscan University of Steubenville

Jewish-Catholic Relations Pathfinder Course

A free course examining the past, present, and future of Jewish-Catholic relations

Coalition of Catholics Against Antisemitism

Add your name to our statement of solidarity and action

Catholic VIPs Pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Catholic Seminarians Pilgrimage to the Holy Land