Digital Ninevah

Final Update from the Ground

In our Digital Nineveh campaign, we aimed to come alongside 3 Christian schools in the Nineveh plain of Iraq, providing them with the technology and equipment necessary to thrive. When we put out the call, the Philos network responded with enthusiasm that dwarfed our initial projections. Together, we raised $15,785, allowing us to adopt 2 more Christian academies.

When we launched the campaign, we could not have foreseen the incredible challenges this year has brought on for students and teachers alike. Technology has become more important than ever. We were able to purchase 27 computers that will be utilized by 319 students throughout the academic year. Thanks to your generous donations, students and teachers will be well-equipped to conquer the challenges of an unorthodox school year. For more information, please contact Juliana Taimoorazy (