Gaza Exodus

Final Update from the Ground

Last Christmas, Philos Project launched Gaza Exodus in response to the deep needs of newly-settled Christians in the West Bank. After fleeing persecution and marginalization in Gaza, the four Gaza Exodus families started over in a new land without financial security or community support. They lacked the funds to secure adequate housing, essential furniture, and education for themselves and their families. After hearing their stories, the Philos family banded together to raise $20,000 to meet the basic needs of four families who will be referenced only with their initials for security reasons.

JM moved to the West Bank seeking safety and better employment for himself, his wife, and his two children. He left his family in the Gaza Strip to forge a new life for them in the West Bank, arriving with high hopes and no resources. The Philos family equipped JM’s house with furniture essentials, so that his home is ready for his family when they are able to join him. He arrived in the West Bank with high hopes and no resources. The Philos family provided the JM family with basic furniture.

WA, 21 years old, moved to the West Bank with her mother and her younger brother. Philos Project provided Widad with a scholarship to study Administrative and Financial Sciences at Al-Ahliya University, easing the financial burden her tuition put on the family. Since receiving the scholarship, WA has been able to devote more time to her studies, which has positively impacted her grades. After she graduates in 2 years, she hopes to become a successful business woman in the West Bank and secure a positive future for her family.

MF, age 29, also received a scholarship from Philos Project to pursue her masters degree in strategic planning at Arab American University in Ramallah. She only has 3 credit hours to complete before finishing her degree. After school, MF plans to remain in the West Bank and work in architecture and urban planning.

SN, 27, moved to the West Bank from Gaza and struggled with the logistical challenges of starting a new life. He is waiting tables at a restaurant in Bethlehem while he searches for a more permanent job. Philos Project provided him with basic furniture for his apartment while he waits for his parents to join him in the West Bank.

Thanks to your generous donations, Philos Project has been able to provide security and hope to people fleeing religious persecution in the Gaza Strip. For more information, please email our advocacy fellow in charge of the project, Jawdat (