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Stop just talking about activism: show up with the Philos Action League

The Philos Action League is a membership community of Christians who are committed to showing up, physically, in solidarity and friendship with the Jewish community when an act of antisemitism happens.

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PAL supports Jewish community in 179 cities after Hamas' attack


What happens when you join the Philos Action League?

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    Step 1; You become part of the PAL network.

    PAL members join a Facebook group and a text alert system that notifies when and where to show up after an antisemitic attack occurs. Members also get access to exclusive training you won't see anywhere else. We've brought in the experts in our Philos universe to help you learn how to be a Christian friend of the Jewish people.

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    Step 2; You're on call to be mobilized.

    By signing up for PAL, you are promising to physically show up for the Jewish people when an act of antisemitism occurs. If it's in your local community, you'll receive instructions on PAL protocol and how to show up safely.

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    Step 3; You're an advocate for the Jewish people in your own community.

    Our goal in starting PAL was to create thousands of PALs around the country. Now that you're a PAL in your local community, create more PALs around you! Philos will help equip you with the tools you need to feel educated on incarnational advocacy: meaning tangible, real, on the ground advocacy.

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PAL in the news

When antisemitic graffiti was sprayed on an Israeli restaurant in the Upper West Side, Philos staff ate lunch at the restaurant and delivered white roses to the owner. Luke Moon, Deputy Director of the Philos Project, brings us his perspective in this news clip.

PCUSA Votes on Antisemitic Resolution Calling Israel an Apartheid State

“2,000 years of Jewish hatred cannot be ignored.”
-Luke Moon, Deputy Director of the Philos Project


Why do we use the white rose?

The rose in the PAL logo pays homage to the Nazi resistance group, the White Rose, which started in Germany in the 1940s.

A group of friends and university students were the initial members of the White Rose, focusing on educating their peers on the problems with Nazism in their community and building a network to disseminate information and stand up against hatred and tyranny.

The same hatred of the Jewish people found under Nazi Germany manifests itself today. Just as the White Rose was a group of friends and young leaders who focused on educating against the injustices of their day, PAL is a network of friends committed to educating their communities and showing up to confront antisemitism.

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Receive Action Alerts for events and incidents, where members of the league show up to support the Jewish community when an antisemitic event happens. Consider a one-time donation to receive a welcome packet and t-shirt along with exclusive educational content and events.