Abraham’s Missing Child


A yearlong project strengthening and protecting Christian communities of the Near East.

Announcement and Panel

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    What is AMC?

    Abraham’s Missing Child Initiative is a series of 3 convenings in 3 countries over the course of 12 months, at which Near Eastern Christian leaders will gather with Israeli Jews and Arab Muslims to discuss practical ways to strengthen indigenous Christian communities in the region. This innovative and groundbreaking approach to the age-old question of minorities of the region is redefining the way that Muslims, Christians, and Jews can work together.

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    Phase 1:

    On May 24th, the Philos Project announced Abrahams Missing Child at the Line DC hotel in Washington DC. In addition to being joined by Greek Ambassador Alexandra Papadopoulou and Cyprus Ambassador Marios Lysiotis, we were honored to host representatives from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Embassy of the Kingdom of Jordan, Embassy of Morrocco, and Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

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    Next Steps:

    The Philos Project will be hosting the first of the three meeting in Greece. This “Christians only” preparatory gathering will bring together 15-20 Eastern Christians from around the region to identify the major issues and begin brainstorming concrete solutions, and to discuss how to maximize the participation of Muslims and Jews in phases three (second convening), four (third convening/release of recommendations), and five (implementation).

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