November 19, 2023

America should be supporting local actors who can limit Iran’s influence in the region

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by Hadeel Oueis, Senior Research Fellow

This strategy would also strengthen US position in the region against other global competitors, such as China and Russia

In the aftermath of the recent conflict in Gaza, the Houthi group in Yemen has intensified its efforts to target Israel with drones and missiles, sounding an alarm for the United States.

This Iran-backed militia, previously overlooked, is now emerging as a potential source of concern. While a temporary ceasefire in Yemen may be on the horizon, it does not signify the containment or sidelining of Houthi threats against the interests of the U.S. and its allies in the region.

The decision to remove the Houthis from the terror lists at the beginning of U.S. President Joe Biden’s term may have unintended consequences, as the group continues to enhance its missile and drone capabilities, persisting in its anti-American stance under the banner of “Death to America.”