April 27, 2024

American universities are a mess, but we can’t give up on them

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by Liza Ashley, Director of the Charles Malik Institute

Anyone paying attention can see that American universities have become a clown show. But, the pundits and politicians calling to abandon the universities and the humanities to the wolves have it wrong.

A few months ago, the president of Harvard University — with the single most restrictive speech code in the country — failed to determine whether calling for the genocide of Jews constituted bullying or harassment under the same restrictive policies that led to the ousting of Carole Hooven. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression has continually rated Harvard as one of the worst universities in the country for free speech, and last year the university came in dead last.

But, suddenly, when the question of antisemitism arose, free speech became sacrosanct to the same people who trampled on it without remorse for decades.