June 15, 2024

Child soldiers in Palestinian Territories

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by The Philos Project

In this installment of our “Luke Reacts” series, Philos Executive Director Luke Moon discusses the tragic life many children lead as child soldiers in the Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and Gaza.

As Christians, how do these harsh realities of life in the Near East inform our perspective on today’s issues? And how can it lead to better advocacy for pluralism?


Luke Moon has traveled to Israel more than 30 times and developed relationships with countless individuals in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The Philos Project sits at the nexus of Christian-Jewish relations and positive Western engagement with Israel. Luke’s reactions in this series are to combat popular misconceptions about Israel and why Christians should stand with the Jewish nation and the Jewish people.




The Philos Project is a Christian community advocating for pluralism in the Near East, Zionism, and spiritual restoration in the West. Understanding the issue of child soldiers in the Palestinian Territories helps us navigate Near Eastern issues to best advocate for pluralism.

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