December 21, 2023

Iraqi Kurdistan: Fostering coexistence amid regional challenges

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by Hadeel Oueis, Senior Research Fellow

In the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan lies Ain Kawa, a Christian oasis where diverse Christian communities from regions plagued by adversity find a refuge of coexistence.

The resilience of Ain Kawa’s inhabitants, coupled with the visionary leadership of Mr. Messud Barzani and the Kurdish government, has created a haven for Christians amidst the challenges posed by neighboring countries.

Ain Kawa stands as a unique testament to the triumph of unity over adversity. Families affected by terrorism in Syria and those who lost jobs in Lebanon due to political turmoil have found solace alongside Christians fleeing the perils of Baghdad and Mosul. Maronites, Syriac Orthodox, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Greek Orthodox, and Melkite Catholics coexist in harmony, embodying a historic convergence of Eastern Christian communities.