Give to the victims of
the war in Israel

About this campaign:

On October 7th, Hamas fighters devastated kibbutz Kfar Aza, where 40 babies were found among the dead.

We’ve launched a 10-day campaign to raise $300,000 to support this community on the Gaza border.

Join us in being incarnational in our solidarity with Israel. Let’s help the survivors of this atrocity experience a tangible gift from Christian friends.

We need your support

Since 2014, The Philos Project and Passages have been taking Christian groups to Kfar Aza, with a total of over 11,000 people introduced to the village to meet locals and experience what it's like to live near Hamas. Today, we urgently seek your support to help the families of Kfar Aza that are affected and displaced by the current Israel-Hamas war. We're addressing a range of needs, from basic necessities like diapers and pajamas to essentials like tampons and toothpaste. Your generous contribution to Kfar Aza is a powerful statement of solidarity with Israel. If you're interested in exploring additional ways to actively support Israel and combat antisemitism, take a look at the impactful initiatives of the Philos Action League in cities and towns across the U.S. Visit: for more information.

Support the families of Kfar Aza today.