May 14, 2023

Lebanon’s political and economic challenges exacerbate in the absence of a president for the seventh consecutive month

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by Hadeel Ouies, Senior Research Fellow

The fall of Lebanon, the only Middle Eastern country with significant political influence for Christians, will be a dark chapter in the region’s history, Lebanese politician tells ALL ARAB NEWS

Major disputes among Lebanon’s political parties have prevented the Lebanese parliament from electing a president for the last 11 sessions, leaving Lebanon without a president for almost 7 months now.

The presidential elections in Lebanon are unique in that the premier is elected by members of the Lebanese Parliament, rather than a direct popular vote. The president of Lebanon must be a Maronite Christian, in accordance with the National Pact, the 1943 agreement between the nation’s Christian and Muslim leaders. The pact established a power-sharing arrangement between the country’s religious components.

The failure to elect a president is playing a significant role in the deteriorating economic crisis of the Lebanon, which was once a hub for creativity, tourism and art in the Middle East.