April 5, 2024

Navigating civilian casualties in Gaza

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by The Philos Project

Seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen were tragically killed in Gaza as a result of an Israeli airstrike on Monday after a bag was mistakenly identified as a weapon.

World Central Kitchen/X

Though Israel quickly condemned the strike as a “grave mistake” and issued a full investigation that led to the firing of two high-ranking officers, the media is using this instance as evidence of Israel’s “indiscriminate” killing of civilians to prove “genocide” and support calls for a ceasefire.


Here are some facts to help you understand this incident in context and properly think about the war in Gaza:


Israel is holding itself to an even higher standard of ensuring correct military procedures to prevent civilian casualties than even the United States. In 2021, the U.S. military carried out a strike in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed ten civilians. Though the U.S. later admitted the strike was a tragic mistake, no troops were punished for the error.


What other militaries in the world are this sensitive to civilian casualties in times of war? It’s because Israel cares so deeply about human life that it responds to inevitable mistakes, unlike Hamas, which uses its people as human shields, hiding amidst civilian facilities and in tunnels paid for by stolen international funds meant for building a better society for Palestinians.


Something else to consider is that, though these tragedies are isolated incidents in Israel’s wartime efforts, it is right and just to call them out. However, the hyper-fixation of Israel’s actions and the international pressure on Israel to agree to a ceasefire is utterly illogical as it eliminates Israel’s enemy from the equation. Hamas is responsible for starting this war and is still holding 134 hostages, including American citizens. Hamas is also responsible for hijacking unknown quantities of aid sent to Palestinians, and their civilian police have corrupted distribution processes.


Where is the condemnation for Hamas?


Because the mainstream narrative is that Israel is the colonizer, the oppressor, and the terrorist, and Hamas is justified because it represents the “oppressed.”


Whenever the media slams Israel instead of Hamas, remember that reality is likely being distorted to paint Israel in the worst light possible and that the anti-Israel trend indicates a huge problem for Western society.