June 14, 2023

Our moral obligation to Christians in Israel

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by Dr. Faydra Shapiro, Senior Research Fellow

There’s a reason Jews shouldn’t spit on Christians. It has nothing to do with where those Christians stand on Israel.

It’s no secret that we have developed something of a “Christian problem” in the Jewish state, and it’s a problem that only seems to be growing. Recent decades show a persistent and even rising pattern of anti-Christian activity in Israel, including harassment, spitting, vandalism and arson perpetrated by Jewish Israelis. Every Christian living in Israel, and particularly those who live in Israel openly wearing a clerical collar or religious habit, knows the drill: sooner or later you too will be spat on or cursed in the street. The problem has become so acute that a hotline has finally been opened to assist Christians in Israel to report hate crimes against their community. In the first week of its functioning, the hotline received four reports of threats and harassment in Jerusalem alone.

When I speak out about our “Christian problem” I encounter a dizzying array of reactions. First, there are the people who absolutely insist that this cannot be true (which is where I pull out my stash of videos, newspaper articles and police reports).