August 31, 2023

Pakistan: Stolen Hindu and Christian Children

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by Uzat Bulut, Research Fellow

Almost weekly, news regarding Hindu and Christian children being kidnapped and abused by Muslim men emerge from Pakistan. Once abducted, these girls are forcefully converted to Islam, “married”, and raped. Many are forced to live with their abductors, and never see their families again.

One of the latest victims is an 11-year-old Hindu girl in Sindh Province. The kidnapped girl was identified as Jiji Bheel, a resident of Tando Allahyar village. She was reportedly abducted at gunpoint by a 28-year-old Muslim man who then forced her conversion to Islam.

The news website Organiser reported that “The horrific development occurred exactly a week after another minor Hindu girl identified as Ekta Kumari Sonaro was abducted from Kada Bazaar of Karachi of Sindh province. Ekta has been reported to be untraceable since then.”

Kidnappings of minority children are commonplace occurrences in Pakistan. The Associated Press estimated that approximately 1,000 Hindu and Christian young girls across Pakistan are stolen from their families and forced to convert to Islam annually.