January 26, 2024

PAL & Philos Network rally in NYC to bring the hostages home

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by Josefa Gonzalez

On Friday, January 12th, the Philos team attended two critical events, standing in solidarity with the Jewish community and Israel. Philos sponsored an event hosted by the Anti-Defamation League in New York City outside the United Nations to demand the Israeli hostages return home. Philos network members participated in the rally, and it was incredible to be the only Christian organization named on the sponsor list. Our presence at the rally allows the Jewish community to see that we, as Christians, are here for them and continue to stand with them.

We organized the second event to target the UN Secretary-General’s residence directly. Since October 7th, the Secretary-General has been very vocal regarding the humanitarian crisis happening in Gaza while being very quiet about the actions of Hamas on October 7th and the continued terror they are exerting by holding hostages as human shields. He has not called out the sexual violence that has been and continues to be used against Israeli women. In response, we organized a group of people to go to his house and call him out for not doing enough in his capacity as Secretary-General.