December 11, 2023

Philos Black hosts "Soulful Shabbat" dinners across the country

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by Josefa Gonzalez

The Soulful Shabbat dinner hosted by Philos Black in Atlanta marked the commencement of a series of National Soulful Shabbat Dinners supported by Shine a Light and individual donors during Chanukah and the Advent season. This unique event brought together Philos Black alumni and friends, including notable figures such as Mrs. Leslie Anderson, Executive Director of the Atlanta JCRC, Dr. John Eves, a Black Jewish Spelman Professor, Dr. Adrienne Jones, a political science professor from Morehouse, Mr. Keron Campbell from the American Jewish Committee, and Bishop Michael Lee Lloyd of Los Angeles. The gathering served as a platform for constructive dialogue and engagement, aiming to address profound divides related to racism and antisemitism within communities. The gathering also featured access to the “Hope in the Holy Land” film and Philos Action League resources. Soulful Shabbat, blending elements of Shabbat dinner and Sunday meals, facilitated unity and understanding, fostering healing and collaboration. This event in Atlanta was the inaugural step in a nationwide initiative, with additional dinners scheduled in Baltimore, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York, further promoting civil discourse and societal strengthening.

“There’s something magical about breaking bread together that creates unity and understanding like nothing else!” – Elisha Gray ’18, Philos Black Alumni Advisory Board Member, reflected on the transformative power of shared meals in fostering unity and understanding within communities.