Special Projects & Partner Organizations

Over the years, Philos has developed and trained leaders to play important roles in starting special projects. These projects flow from our mission and the passion and expertise of our growing leaders. These are a few of the successful projects that have spun off to be their own organizations and strategic partners with Philos.

Special Projects

These are the current special projects we are working on at Philos that we hope grow into independent organizations one day!

Philos Latino

Philos Latino is the official representative of US Hispanic communities and Latin America, engaging leaders by creating content and leading initiatives that help build a community of leaders that promote positive Christian engagement in the near east. You can learn more about Philos Latino by following our weekly Radio Program Philos Conecta and social media platforms.

Charles Malik Institute

The Charles Malik Institute shapes future scholars, humanitarians, and public servants by teaching the legacy of Lebanese Christian philosopher and statesman Charles Malik. Charles Malik’s life was a model of principle statesmanship and faithful service, and his thought should be studied by future generations of leaders in public life: academics, statesmen, policymakers, journalist, volunteers, responsible citizens, and those who seek to live their vocations faithfully. This is the task before us at the Charles Malik Institute.

Philos Black

Philos Black is cultivating Black Christian leaders for positive global engagement.

Philos Action League

The Philos Action League is a membership community of Christians who are committed to showing up, physically, in solidarity and friendship with the Jewish community when an act of antisemitism happens.

Partner Organizations

Passages Israel

Through a nine-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land and intensive post-trip education, Passages Israel strengthens the faith of American Christian college students, connects them to Israel, and prepares them for a life of Christ-centered leadership.

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