Moral Awakening: A Message to President Biden from America’s Youth

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Sign the Moral Awakening: A Message to President Biden from America's Youth

Why sign our letter to President Biden? Signing this letter adds your voice to our collective call for moral clarity, true and lasting peace, and support for Israel. By doing so, you'll contribute to a powerful message of unity among young people of good will, helping us address the concerning statistics and advocate for a just resolution to the current conflict. Together, we can make a difference and promote understanding and empathy in our generation.

Dear President Biden, 

We, the undersigned Americans aged 18-24, want to make our voices heard amid recent data indicating a troubling level of moral ignorance in our generation. A CAPS/Harris poll found that 48 percent of voters between 18-24 support Hamas in the current conflict, a trend we find reprehensible and concerning.

We condemn, without equivocation, the horrific attacks carried out on October 7, 2023, by Hamas terrorists against innocent men, women, and children in Israel. We condemn the callous disregard for the lives of innocent Palestinians demonstrated by Hamas as they use their own women and children as human shields in Gaza and locate their military arms in civilian targets, constituting a war crime. We castigate the celebration of death by Hamas supporters globally, including in the U.S. at rallies, colleges & universities, and in the statements of notable public figures.

To seek moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas now does not demonstrate broadmindedness but profound moral ignorance or corruption.

A world that sees Hamas’ actions, hears its stated goals of genocide, and yet fails to speak against it has committed a sin of moral blindness.

As antisemitism skyrockets across America, particularly on college campuses, we reaffirm our support for Israel and the Jewish people and call for:

The immediate, unconditional surrender of Hamas and return of all hostages.
Policies on college campuses that effectively protect the safety, bodily autonomy, and freedom of expression of Jewish and Jewish-presenting students, as well as their allies.
Continued and focused efforts from the State Department that effectively and with proper gravity address the epidemic of antisemitic hate crimes in the United States.
Continued U.S. Government support for Israel’s efforts to counteract Hamas’s tyranny and terrorism while prioritizing the protection of civilian lives, in alignment with Israel’s longstanding commitment to these principles.


Liza Ashley


Wendell Shelby-Wallace

The Philos Project