May 7, 2024

Supporting Hamas is regressive not progressive

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by Dominique Hoffman, Associate Director of the Philos Leadership Institute

These students are rioting on their university campuses not because they care deeply about Palestinians; most couldn’t even point Gaza out on a map

Across the United States, ideologically possessed college students have seized college campuses and demanded their respective institutions “disclose and divest” from companies linked to Israel, with some going as far as demanding divestment from all military contractors or companies. These protests have also taken on an overtly anti-American,  anti-capitalist message. The students are not only calling for divestment from Israel, but also from US “imperialism.”

Harvard encampment protesters raised the Palestinian flag over the statue of John Harvard, replacing the American flag while chanting “Free Palestine.” The screams of “Allahu Akbar” could be heard in the distance. At UCLA, a wall of protesters prevented Jewish students from accessing their classrooms. Last week, Shai Davidai, an Israeli assistant professor at Columbia University’s business school, was prevented by the school from entering the university’s main campus where he planned to sit peacefully in on the pro-Palestinian demonstration.