November 7, 2023

The Golden Rule makes political Islam different

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by Uzay Bulut, Research Fellow

“Culture is the root of politics and religion is the root of culture,” Richard John Neuhaus said.

This truth is demonstrated by the way non-Muslims are treated in Pakistan, Turkey and Arab nations versus the way Muslims are treated in India, Greece and Israel.

Pakistan was majority Hindu before the jihadist Islamic conquest that began in the eighth century. Modern Pakistan was created by the partition of India in 1947. Now, due to Muslim persecution, the indigenous Hindu community is on the verge of extinction.

A report by the Hindu American Foundation noted, “The number of Hindus declined from 15% in West Pakistan at the time of Partition [in 1947] to approximately 2% in 1951. … Today, Hindus comprise only 1.6% and continue to flee to India to escape persecution.”