August 11, 2023

The Massive Transformation of India and the Middle East

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by Uzay Bulut, Research Fellow

In July, violent jihad– holy war in the service of Islam – reached two groups of Hindus in South Asia.

The first attack involved the destruction of the religious heritage of Hindus in Pakistan. The other attack, in India, consisted of an Islamist raid on a Hindu pilgrimage. The assault killed at least six people and injured dozens.

In the first attack, on July 16, a 150-year-old Hindu temple in Karachi was “razed to the ground.” According to the Pakistani newspaper, Dawn:

“[T]he operation took place while the area was without electricity late on Friday night. That’s when the diggers and a bulldozer arrived to do their work.

“The residents have also reported that they saw a police mobile there to provide ‘cover’ to the men operating the machines.”
The second attack, on July 31, Islamists unleashed “a pre-planned attack… against thousands of Hindus” in India. The attack, on a Hindu pilgrimage made to “revive holy Hindu sites and Hindu religious tourism,” left six dead and around 60 injured.