#WERESOLVE is a movement seeking to amass thousands of voices pledging to stand together in love in order to combat antisemitism.
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I resolve to seek friendship with my Jewish neighbor, educate myself and others about anti-Jewish hatred, and confront that hatred wherever I see it. Antisemitism is an attack on me, my faith, and my community.  


My Christian faith demands that I confront hatred of all kinds, and especially hatred of the very people who first taught the world that all people possess the right to life, freedom, and equality.

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What This Campaign Does

This is a call to every one of us to educate ourselves so we can use our scope of influence to educate others. A step forward to stand against antisemitism with “philosemitism” — love of the Jewish people. A philosemitism that goes beyond words, one that is incarnated and turned into action.

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Why this Matters


This year, as the world is struggling with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have seen many courageous and loving acts, but it has also been a time where the epidemic of antisemitism has been flourishing in new and creative ways. From blaming Jews for creating, spreading or profiting from the novel virus to desecrating synagogues with swastikas amidst the quarantine; the reports of antisemitic rhetoric and actions seem to have been growing at a faster rate during this pandemic.

Articles, official reports and personal accounts mention instances of flagrant antisemitic or anti-Jewish sentiment during a time when communities and nations are calling out for humanity to come together in kindness and solidarity

The best response to antisemitism isn’t anti-antisemitism. It is philosemitism, love of the Jewish people. But a philosemitism of words will do nothing; it must be incarnated and turned to action.

American Christians have the numbers, the platform and responsibility to counteract the hateful actions of the few. Let us commit to truly making a stance of solidarity to fight hate and combat antisemitism whenever we see it. Only standing together can we make sure the evil behind antisemitism NEVER AGAIN escalates to the levels seen in the Holocaust.

Let us resolve to show our philosemitism in practical ways. Let us commit to educating ourselves, our families and our communities about the monumental contributions that the Jewish people have made to our society and Christian faith. Let us work to build relationships with Jews and let them know that we stand with them in these difficult times. Let us educate our fellow Christians and others about the dangers posed by antisemitism. Our Christian faith demands that we confront hatred of all kinds, and especially hatred of the very people who first taught the world that all people possess the right to life, freedom and equality.

By saying to the world, not only in words but in actions, that WE RESOLVE to confront antisemitism in every expression and form, we live out our faith in its proper form. As the adage says: what starts with the Jews, never ends with the Jews; today the hateful acts are against this community, tomorrow might be against yours.

Let us stand in solidarity and eradicate this epidemic of hate, not only during the global coronavirus pandemic, but beyond.


What is #WeResolve?

An international movement of Christians seeking to initiate, and tangibly demonstrate, friendship with the Jewish people.

What is the impulse behind #WeResolve?

Christians believe that all humans are equal before God. But we also recognize a unique connection to, and historical vocation for, am Israel: the people of Israel, or, as they are better known to history, the Jews. It is impossible to understand Jesus Christ, the apostles, the Bible, or the Christian Church outside of their original Hebraic context. Ironically (and regrettably) the Church has a long record of anti-Jewish persecution, which is why the #WeResolve movement seeks to model a Christianity that loves and honors our Jewish neighbor.

What is your definition of antisemitism?

Any unjust word or deed aimed at Jews because of their Jewishness. Antisemitic acts may include verbal or physical assaults on Jewish identity, equality, or security. They may employ double standards to ostracize Jews and judge them more harshly than everyone else. They may also deny Jewish peoplehood or oppose Jewish self-determination in the Jewish homeland. We consider all of these acts to be unjust. Officially, the #WeResolve movement uses the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism.

Why now?

Antisemitism declined after the Holocaust due to courageous leadership and better education, but it has come back in the 21st century with a vengeance. Antisemitic acts are up across the board as right-wing and left-wing forces resist the conspiratorial “Jewish hand” that they see behind their problems. Strangely, few people seem to notice or care that much. Some even rationalize these acts by citing real or imaginary injustices committed against Palestinians by the State of Israel, oblivious to the antisemitic clichés they have imported into their activism. Bottom line: The problem is getting worse, not better.

Is anti-Zionism antisemitism?

Zionism is a movement for Jewish self-determination in the Jewish homeland. Anti-Zionism rejects support for Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel, excluding Jews from the community of nations, and thereby qualifies as antisemitism. Criticism of Israel’s policies is not antisemitic; principled rejection of Israel’s existence is. Critics who can start their critique with, "Although I fully accept Jewish sovereignty in some part of the Jewish homeland, I am deeply concerned by...." are not antisemitic. Critics who recognize the sovereignty of other peoples but not of the Jews, or who recognize it with so many caveats and carve-outs as to make it effectively meaningless, are practicing antisemitism whether they know it or not.

What about the Palestinians?

There is no link between antisemitism and Palestinians. Antisemitism would exist even if Israel did not. While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is obviously important, it does not – and absolutely should not – prejudice the work of Christian-Jewish friendship. For more information on our work with and for Palestinians, please visit our Fellows page.

Why aren't you fighting all forms of hatred?

All hatred based on identity is wrong. But antisemitism is a distinctive hatred that feeds, and often precedes, the rest. It is an attack on Jews. It is an attack on Christians, whose core religious doctrine involves a Jewish man bringing a Jewish vision to fulfillment. It is an attack on non-Christians who live in Western countries based on principles of justice, equality, and human rights that are simply unthinkable apart from the ethical vision of the Hebrew Bible. It is also an attack on minorities, for hatred of the Jews never ends with the Jews. #WeResolve opposes every form of discrimination and racism but insists that the special hatred of antisemitism demands a special response.

Is this some kind of missionary campaign?

The #WeResolve movement does not promote missionary work of any kind. All Christians believe that the message of Jesus is universal. But Christians have been “telling” Jews about Jesus for centuries, often through coercion and violence. The time has come for Christians to embody Jesus in the flesh.

Does #WeResolve have a political agenda?

The Philos Project is a non-partisan organization that works on matters of faith, culture, and society. Neither #WeResolve nor any other Philos initiative promotes a political agenda of any kind.

Want to learn more?

Head to the #WeResolve resource page via The Philos Project to learn more about antisemitism today, get resources to share with your community, and help us fight this important battle.