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Why sign the Coalition of Catholics Against Antisemitism statement? Antisemitism is on the rise in the United States and traditional religion is continually marginalized in our secular, progressive culture. Now is the time for faithful Catholics to unite with our Jewish neighbors to defend and promote our shared Judeo-Christian tradition. Stand against antisemitism today by signing the following statement by the Coalition of Catholics Against Antisemitism (CCAA).

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Statement of Solidarity and Action

We, the Coalition of Catholics against Antisemitism, hereby commit ourselves to combating resurgent hatred of the Jewish people today—in our country and around the world.

We condemn antisemitism in humility, mindful of the sins of Catholics and other Christians against the Jewish people throughout history, and aware that these wounds remain real for many Jews today.

We denounce antisemitism in a spirit of compassion, aware that education about the evils of this hatred is a moral responsibility for Christians.

Antisemitism in our community, even when it is not the action of Catholics or other Christians, demands condemnation.

We reject hatred, bigotry, and racism in all their forms. As Catholics and Christians, we believe that antisemitism is a spiritual evil.

We remember the words of Pope Pius XI, who denounced antisemitism as “a movement in which we Christians can have no part. … Through Christ and in Christ we are the spiritual descendants of Abraham. No, it is not possible for Christians to take part in antisemitism.”

We recall the words of Pope Saint John Paul II, who condemned antisemitism as “a sin against God and man,” and who referred to the last century as “the century of the Shoah.”

We call to mind the words of Pope Benedict XVI: “To be antisemitic also signifies being anti-Christian. Once again I feel the duty to pay heartfelt recognition to those who have died unjustly and to those that have dedicated themselves to assure that the names of these victims may always be remembered. God does not forget!”

We think of the words of Pope Francis: “A Christian cannot be an antisemite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure antisemitism is banned from the human community.”

We know that solidarity without action is insufficient. Therefore, we urge Catholic ecclesial and lay leaders, parents and teachers, professors, and public servants, to fearlessly confront antisemitism, and to take steps to combat all forms of hatred against the Jewish people.

We urge Catholic parents and educators to teach the history of Catholic/Christian-Jewish relations, beginning with Christianity’s historical roots in the Near East and its spiritual roots in Hebrew scripture – including the history of those Catholics and other Christians who fell into antisemitism, as well as the Catholic and other Christian heroes who opposed antisemitism and protected Jews over the centuries.

We encourage Catholic scholars and academics to confront antisemitism on campus and in popular ideological movements that seek to use anti-Zionism as a pretext for hatred of the Jewish people; to condemn political, cultural, and ideological critiques that are used to justify hatred of the Jewish people; to develop Catholic-Jewish studies programs and institutes; and to form deeper ties with Jewish scholars on these subjects.

We affirm the right of the Jewish people to live safely and securely in their ancestral homeland, and recognize that modern Israel is essential to that security. These rights should not jeopardize the right of Palestinians to also live in safety and security.

We encourage Catholic statesmen at the local, state, and national levels—in America and around the world—to take steps to protect Jewish persons and property, and Jewish places of worship and community; to uphold the equal citizenship of Jews; to prosecute crimes against Jews; and to recognize and respond to the particular threats faced by the Jewish community.

We encourage Catholic bishops, priests, religious and lay faithful to pray and sacrifice for conversion from the sin of antisemitism, and encourage their congregations to do the same; and we urge those who have fallen into this sin to return to an authentic Christianity that understands that Jews are our spiritual brothers and sisters.


Anna Abbott

Margaret Adducci

Jane Adolphe, Professor of Law, Ave Maria School of Law

Mary Adrienne, Walking With My Brother

Sohrab Ahmari, Founder and editor, Compact

Charlotte Allen

Saira Alli

Dan Almeter, Moderator, Alleluia Community Catholic Fellowship

Aaron Althoff

Frans Alting von Geusau

Elizabeth Amato, Gardner-Webb University

Deborah Amato

Daniel Andersen

Kyle Anderson

Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, President, The Ethics and Public Policy Center

Sue Andres

Hector Andreu

Brenda Andrew

Janet Angelo

Joseph Anton

Dominic Aquila

Jack Archer, Knights of Columbus, Council 16376, Westlake, Ohio

Linda Argumaniz

Eileen Askey

Thérèse Assemat

David Atkinsin, UT-Southwestern, Department of Psychiatry

Peter Atkinson, The Merry Beggars

Rachael B

Igor Babailov

Ericka Bachiochi , Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Christopher Baglow, University of Notre Dame

Gil Bailie, The Cornerstone Forum

Thomas Bajzek

Deacon Christoper Baker, Diocese of Jefferson City, MO

Stephen Balog

Rosalie Balog

Frank Baltus

Michael Barkey, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

Shay Barkham, Theology Student, St. Mary’s University

William Barr, Former Attorney General of the United States

Stephen Barr, Physicist

Laura Bastiani, RCC parish of St Hugh of Lincoln

Richard Bastien

John Bateman

Monica Baumgartner

Holly Bayly

Evan Beacom, University of Minnesota, Department of Medicine

William Beckman

Ellen Beedie

Jeremy Beer, Co-founder and CEO, AmPhil

Thomas C. Behr, JD, PhD, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of History, University of St. Thomas

Rhonda Bellert

Katherine Bennett

Robert Berard, Mount Saint Vincent University

Kathleen Berchelmann, MD, Cofounder, MyCatholicDoctor

Eric Bernicker

Chiara Bertoglio, Facoltà Teologica dell’Emilia Romagna

Thomas Bidwell

Annabelle Bishop

Donald Bishop

Jadwiga Biskupska

Andrea Bisogni

Gabriel Bissell

Lee Blackburn, Milligan University

Gregory Bloomquist, Faculty of Theology of Saint Paul University

Rachel Bloomquist

Tracy Bodnar

Mitch Boersma, Executive Director, Leonine Forum

A. Michael Boggs, Oblate, OSB

Judith Boggs

Jeremy Boguslawski

Alicia Boland

Michael J. Boland, MD, MBA

Mary Ellen Bork

Avery Bower, Cornell University

Adam Boyle, Franciscan University

Emma Boyle, Leonine Forum

L. Brent Bozell, Founder and President, Media Research Center

Donald Brand, College of the Holy Cross

Amb. Andrew Bremberg, President, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Maria Bremberg

Patrick Briscoe, Our Sunday Visitor

Michael Brockelman

Fr. Gregg Bronsema, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Arthur Brooks

Patrick T. Brown, Ethics and Public Policy Center

John Brown

Phillip Brown

Nernice Brown

Louis Brown Jr., JD, Christ Medicus

Johanne Brownrigg

Isaac Buckley

Scott Bucko, AmPhil

Paul Burghart, Benedictine College

Timothy Burns, Professor of Political Science, Baylor University

Daniel Burns, Associate Professor of Politics, University of Dallas

Kevin J. Burns, PhD, Christendom College

Jack Butler, National Review

Andrew Butler

Diane Byra

Patrick Cain

Cindi Callaghan

Joseph M. Callaghan

Patrick Callahan, UCLA

Timothy Callanan

Rachel Alexander Cambre

Charles Camosy, Professor of Medical Humanities, Creighton University School of Medicine, Moral Theology Fellow, St. Joseph Seminary (NY)

Keron Campbell

Annie Cardoz

Aiden Carey

Peter Carifelle

Olalla Carlin

Michael Carlin, University of Holy Cross

Beth Carter

Natasha Casas

Kathryn Casey

John Castelot, Permanent Deacon, Diocese of Manchester, NH

Clarissa Ceglio

Caitlin A. Chakardjian

Brian Chandley

Richard Chriss

Brent Christen, MA Theology

Margot Cleveland, Attorney and Journalist

Judy Coleman

Teresa Collett, University of St. Thomas (MN)

Susan Collins, University of Notre Dame

Nicholas, Collins

Tim, Collins, PhD, President, Walsh University

Christopher Colmo

Janice Commens

Rick Conason

Robert Connolly

Anne M Connor

Diane Conocchioli, The Catholic University of America

Arnold Conrad

Iganzio Contini, Cristiano Cattolico

Daniel Conway, Catholic writer

Kimberly Cook

Shawn Cooper, PhD, James Madison Program ’22-’23

William Corbishley

Patricia Cormier

Anita Cornelius

Teresa Cortinas

Peter Costea, PhD, Ezra Foundation

Lee Cotugno

Matthew Cox

Richard F. Crane , Benedictine College

Lucas Cremers, Columbia College Class of 2023

Michelle Cretella, MD, Catholic Medical Association

Zac Crippen, Creedal

Harlan Crow

Kathy Crow

Margaret Crump, St. Michael Catholic Church, Sandy, Oregon

Ronald Crump, St. Michael Catholic Church, Sandy, Oregon

Lenny Culicchia

Kerrie Cummin

Mary Ann Cummins-Prager

Laura Currie

John Curtin

Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List

Marty Dannenfelser

Thomas Dans

Gregory Davies

Richard Davis, Simeon Communications

Elaine Davis, Simeon Communications

James Dean

David P. Deavel, Chairman of the Theology Department, University of St. Thomas

R. Del Vecchio

Joanne Dela Cruz

Patrick Deneen, University of Notre Dame

Linda Denno, University of Arizona

Kelly DePaulo

Patricia DeSanctis

Pamela Di Lucca

James Diamond, Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester NH

Patricia Dias

Deborah Dickson, Alumna, University of Portland

Laura DiDominzio

Robert Doar, President, American Enterprise Institute

Bernard Dobski, Assumption University

Mary Dobson

Timothy Dockery, Executive Director, Catholic Community Foundation of South Carolina

Natalie Dodson, Policy Analyst, The Ethics and Public Policy Center

Michael Doherty

Michelle Dolan

John Donovan

Andrew Doran, Director of Philos Catholic, The Philos Project

John F. Dougherty

Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review

Micaela Dowd

Patrick Downey, St. Mary’s College of California

Timothy Draftz

Patrick Duffy

Conor Dugan

Laura Duhe

Justine Dunne

Dr. Charles Dusch, Author – Historian

Magdalena Dziaczkowska, Lund University

Robert Eady

Marcy Eagan

Darrell Thomas Eagan

Mary Eberstadt, Panula Chair, Catholic Information Center, and Senior Fellow, Faith and Reason Institute

Nicholas Eberstadt, American Enterprise Institute

Rick Eberstadt

Eduardo Echeverria, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit

Michael E. Ehinger, Annunciation Catholic Church, Houston, TX

Fr. Dale Ehrman

Robert Elder, PhD, Knights of Columbus

Madalaine Elhabbal, CatholicVote

Sarah Elliott

Joseph Patrick English, Saint Pius X Parish, New Orleans, LA

Rebecca Enkin

Therese Errigo

Mary Esterhammer-Fic

Kirsten Evans, Advisor, The Philos Project

Chris Evans, Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

Rachel Faeth

William Fahey, President, St Thomas More College

Ellen Fantini, The European Conservative

Tom Faranda

Theresa Farnan, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Tom Farr, Religious Freedom Institute

Sally Fausett

Douglas Fehrer

Lawrence Feingold, Professor of Theology, Kenrick Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO

Petula Fernandes, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Alberto Miguel Fernandez

Margaret Fernandez

Edwin J. Feulner, PhD, Founder and retired President, The Heritage Foundation

Gail Finke, Sacred Heart Radio, Cincinnati

April Flojo

Kenneth Fodor

Margaret Foley

Daniel Ford

Les Ford

Steven Forrest

Anne Forsyth

Matthew Franck, The Witherspoon Institute

Angela Franks

Svea Fraser

Alexandra Freeze

Jennifer Frey, PhD, Dean of Honors College, Tulsa University

Ann Friemel

Teresa Gaffney

Brian Gail

Congressman Mike Gallagher

Keith Gallagher, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Debbra Dickson Galoni

Declan Ganley

Jennifer Garone

Sharon Gauthier

John Gavin, SJ, College of the Holy Cross

John Allen Gay, The John Quincy Adams Society

Charlotte Gay

Chris Geddie

Margaret Geehman

Lauren Geist, First Things

Darren Geist

Mark Geleyn

Yves Genest

Robert George, PhD, Princeton University

Josh Gidding

Rebekah Gielen

Robert Gilligan

Alex Giobbi, The Philos Project

Anthony Giobbi

Renee Giraldy, St. Thomas More, Irvine CA

William Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez, Princeton University

Alexandra Gonzalez

Lawrence Goodall

Natalie Goodnow

Joanne Goodwin

Mishka Gora

George Goss

Cathy Grande

Samuel Gregg

Laura Gregory, Retired, member of Archdiocese of Detroit

Carrie Gress, Ethics and Public Policy Center

David Griesbach

Bruce Griffin, Keiser University/Latin American Campus

Troy Guy, Nuclear Engineer and Physicist

John Haggard, St. Monica Academy

Kristyn Hall

Chad Hallman

Rev. Thomas Hallsten

Tom Hammond

Cynthia Hansen

George Harne

Anne Harrell

Mary Hasson, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Mary Healy, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Mary Jennifer Heffernan

Michael Hegarty

Christine Henjum

Patrick Henry, Whitman College

Peter Herbeck, Renewal Ministries

Jason Hicks

Sharon Hickson, Christendom College

Stephen Hildebrand, Franciscan University

Russell Hittinger, PhD

Adam Race Hochdorf

Joshua Hochschild, Mount St. Mary’s University

Chris Hoffman

Sharon Hoffman

Jane Holman

Thomas Howes, Princeton University

Philippe-Antoine Hoyeck, McGill University

HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan, Head of the Royal House of Ghassan

Cory Huelskamp, Holy Angels Catholic Church Sidney, Ohio

Eileen Hughes, St. Patrick’s Church, Arroyo Grande, CA

Derek Hutchison

Kenzie Hutchison

Lara Huynh, FSSP parish – Thorold, ON, Canada

Louis Ibarra

Katherine Isaacs

John Jackson

Yaël Jeanblanc

Juan José Jiménez-Lema

Renee Jimenez

Nancy Jimeno, California State University Fullerton

Mary Jividen, The Natural Law Study Center

Eric Johnson

Michael Jones, St. Columbkille Parish

Jason Jones, VPP

Matthew Jordan, Cuyahoga Community College

Francis Joseph Joseph Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies, Baylor University

Michael Joskowiak

Chad Kaili, St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church

Brian Kean

Kevin Kelly, University of Wisconsin Law School

Michael Kelly

Janet Kempf

Robert Kennedy, University of St. Thomas (MN)

Timothy Kennedy

Benjamin Kennedy

Carolyn Keough

Paul Keough

Lynda Kerkhoven

Marybeth Kerrigan

Mary M. Keys, University of Notre Dame

Rev. Benedict Kiely,

Nicholas Kilonzo

Peter Kilpatrick, PhD, President, The Catholic University of America

Michaela Klodmann, Jesus-Bruderschaft

Robert Klump, Canisius University

Jane Kney

Catherine Koperek

Robert Kraynak, Colgate University

John Kucer, President, Holy Apostles Seminary

Vanessa LaGrange

James Lamuraglia

Michael Lanes

Sandra Lannis

Fr. David Langford, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

Thomas Lashley, The SoCal Pro-Life Alliance

Lynn O’Gorman Latchford

Catherine Lawson

Theresa Lawson

Tammy Lazicki

Betty Lazicki

Robert Leach, Catholic member of the St. Vincent DePaul Society

Ellen LeGare, Executive Director, Sacred Heart Tutorials

Louis Lenzi

Marc Lenzini

Antoine Levy, OP, Tel Aviv University

Clemente Lisi,

Conor Little

Joe Lombardo

Zachary Agele Lomo

Kathryn Jean Lopez, The National Review Institute

Gary Loverich

Brittany Lucas

Michal Łuczewski, University of Warsaw

Michael Lutz, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology

Lucia Báez, Luzondo

R. Patrick MacDaniel, Retired Geologist

Mary MacKinnon

Emily MacLean

Matthew Maguire, DePaul University

Stephen Maio

Mark Mancini, MD

Christianne Mangan

Esther Marcen, Saint Joseph’s Parish, Kuopio, Finland

Elizabeth Marcolini, Co-founder, Rose Roofing and Restoration

Matt Marcolini, Co-founder, Rose Roofing and Restoration

Nancy Cain Marcus

Brian Mardon

Frank Marlene

Terence Marshall, Université de Paris Ouest – Nanterre (ret.)

Curtis Martin, Founder, FOCUS

Christopher Mattei, USMC Ret.

Kate Matus, The Public Interest Fellowship

Victorino Matus , The Washington Free Beacon

Cecilia L. May

Michael Mazza

Cathy Mazzi

Dan Mazzi

James McCabe

John McCarthy, School of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Molly McCartney, Renewal Ministries

George McCombe

Robert McConnell, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Nadia McConnell, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

John McCormack, National Review

Lauren McCormack

Gregory McGinity, Former Pastoral Council President, American Martyrs Catholic Church

Ellen McGinnis

Katie Prejean McGrady, Host of The Katie McGrady Show on Sirius XM

Mark McGrory

Paul McHugh

Mary Mckenna, Consultant, Fullerton Unified High School District

Carole McKinstry

Charles McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin

Judith McLaughlin

Albert McLaverty

Sherry McMahon, Bible Study Facilitator

Christopher McMahon, St. Vincent College

Paul McNeil, St. Joseph’s Parish, Scarborough, Canada

Michael McNulty

Elizabeth McPike

Bronwen McShea, PhD, Historian, Augustine Institute

Edward Mechmann, Archdiocese of New York

Alan Medoff

Elizabeth Meier, Women of Christ

Noelle Mering, The Theology of Home Project, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Jason Merrill

Mark Meyer, PhD

Jason Micheli, United Methodist Church

Scott O. Middleton

Susan Migliore, 40 Days for Life Coordinator, St. Philip Catholic Church

Michael Matheson Miller

Shannon Milne

Fr. Bill Miscamble, University of Notre Dame

Wilson Miscamble, CSC, University of Notre Dame

Paul Miskin, George Brown College Retirees Association

Colin Monaghan

Rosemarie Monge, University of St Thomas

David Montgomery, Councilmember, Town of Easton, MD

Anna Moreland, Villanova University

Nicholas Morgan

John Morgan, St. John’s College, Cardiff

Chelsie Morris

Paul Morrisey, PhD, President, Campion College Australia

John Moser, PhD, Ashland University

Cynthia Moslander

Michael Most

Mitchell Muncy, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Michael Muncy

Beth Murphy, Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Michael Murray

James Murray

Leland Myrick, St. Joseph Parish, Cottleville, MO

Blaise Nagy

Antoine Naim

Irene Nave

Giliel Nellis

Sean Nelson, Alliance Defening Freedom

Thomas Nemia

Rev. Jay Scott Newman, Chancellor of the Diocese of Charleston

James Nolan

Michael-James Nolan

Alexander Norman, BA, MSt University of Oxford

Mary Ann Novak

Catherine Noye

Sarah O

Eileen O Connor

Nora O’Brien

Elke O’Donnell

Deacon Tim O’Donnell, Executive Director, The Harvard Catholic Forum

Timothy O’Donnell

Nestor Ojeda

Valerie OKeeffe, Westchester Holocaust and Human Rights Commission

John F. O’Leary

Kristina Olney

Victor O’Loughlin

Taylor Olsen, St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church

Brian O’Neel

Susan O’Neil

Mary Ann O’Neil, Whitman College

Patrick Openlander, LifeVision

Ciarán O’Regan, Writer

James O’Reilly, The Broken Binnacle

Joseph O’Reilly

Rose O’Reilly

Nathan Orlando, Benedictine College

Joshua Orsi, The Catholic University of America

Elisabeth Ortiz

Lee Oser, College of the Holy Cross

Fr. Sinclair Oubre, JCL

James Owens

Nick Palmer

Maria M. Palmer

Mark Paoletta

Kathy Parcheta

Laura Anne Paul Parker

Thomas Passantino

James Patterson, Ave Maria University

Joseph Pearce, Visiting Chair of Catholic Studies at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

Terrence J. Pell

Luke Perez, Arizona State University

Dominic Perrem

James Perry

Mary Perry

Andrew Petiprin, Spe Salvi Institute

Marijana Petir

Daniel Philpott, University of Notre Dame

Sharon Piasecki

Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, Director, The Conscience Project

Tina Pilato

Rex Pilger, Archdiocese of Denver

Dave Pivonka, TOR, President, Franciscan University

Anthony Pizza

Jason Poblete. The Global Liberty Alliance

Jeffrey Pojanowski, Notre Dame Law School

Ramesh Ponnuru, The National Review

Lisa Porter

Thomas Powers , Carthage College

Kathleen Prevost

Ashley Prothro

Sharon Purcell

David Quackenbush

Ana Rose Quintana, Senior Director of Policy, The Vandenberg Coalition

Sarah Beth R.

Mario Ragazzi

Paul Rahe, Hillsdale College

Javier Ramirez

Rafael Ramirez-de-Alba, IPADE Business School

Ben Ranieri

Anthony Raspanti

Pam Raymond

Tracy Reed, St. Thomas Catholic Church

J.B. Rees

Mary Regnier

Rev. Richard F. Reidy

Robert Reilly

Robert Renaud

R. R. Reno, First Things

Deborah Rentler

John Reutter, Blinn College

Sabrina Ricci

Jay W. Richards, The Heritage Foundation

Daniel Bezalel Richardsen, Ordinariate & Ukrainian Catholic

Glenn Ricketts, National Association of Scholars

Charles H. Rieper, Faculty, Catholic Distance University

Simone Rizkallah, Endow

Martin Robb

Nanette Roberts

Kevin D. Roberts, PhD, President, The Heritage Foundation

Sara Robinson

Benedetto Rocchi, University of Florence (IT)

Beata Rock

Caroline Rodriguez

Darla Romfo

Ellen Sarah Ronnenberg

Lila Rose, Founder and President, Live Action

Clare Rowan

Anna May Rudolph

Rosemary Ryan

Stephen Ryan, OP, Dominican House of Studies

Peter Sabbath

Tracy Sabol, EWTN News Nightly

Estrella Salgado

Jeffrey Salmon

Scott Salvato, Davidson College Campus Minister, Diocese of Charlotte

Ashley Samelson, The Catholic Association

Nicolas Sanchez, Emeritus Professor, College of the Holy Cross

Joseph Sanders, Order of Malta

Elsa Sands

Stephen Satterly

Deborah Savage, Franciscan University

Katy Savercool

Judy Savoy

Anne Schlafly, Chairman, Eagle Forum

Rita-Maria Schmidt

Gary J. Schmitt, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Matthew Schmitz, Founder and editor, Compact

Douglas Schmitz

Alexander Schniertshauer

Kurt Schreyer

Mary Schwarz

Adam Schwartz, PhD, Christendom College

Pamela Schwartz

Thomas Schwartz, Vanderbilt University

David Scott, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Gary Seaton

Patty Secor

Cathy Shannon

Mike Shaw

Trevor Shelley, Arizona State University

Kristin Shewfelt

Stephen Shoda

Serena Sigillito

Laura Sigmon

Jeffrey Silleck

Luma Simms, Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Christopher Skeet

John Sklut, Gonzaga

Edward Sloan

Audrey Small

Brittany Smartt

Thomas Smith, The Catholic University of America

Lawrence Smith

Andy Smith

Mary Rose Somarriba

Mary Sommers, University of St Thomas

Rebecca Sopkin

John Soriano, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Dallas

Carol Ann Southard

David Spencer

Loretta  Spesia

Bernard Spitz

Haimar Supriatno Staib

Tom Stallings

Clifford Staples, University of North Dakota

Andrew Stefanelli, Knights of Columbus Council 13040

Julieann Stengle, Alumna, University of Notre Dame

TJ Stevens

Elizabeth Stewart, Open University, Retired

Michael Stewart, Saint Charles Borromeo Parish, North Hollywood, California

Stephanie Stoeckl, Franciscan University

Stanley Stolte, University of Colorado

James Stoner, Louisiana State University

Benjamin Storey, American Enterprise Institute

Jenna Silber Storey, American Enterprise Institute

Michael R. Strain, Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Mark Strand, Former President of the Congressional Institute (retired)

Paul Suddes

Brett Swearingen, Miller Johnson

Christian Swezey

Lawrence Sych

Catherine Szkop , Combat Antisemitism Movement

Marcela Szymanski, Human Rights Researcher, Centro de Estudios sobre Impunidad y Justicia (CESIJ), Cholula, Mexico

Solene Tadie, National Catholic Register

Mark Taubert

Henry R. Taylor

Anne Coté Taylor

Flagg Taylor, Skidmore College

Alec Taylor

Ginni Thomas, President, Liberty Consulting

Clare Thomas, Catholic Union of Great Britain

Robert Thompson, Member, Order of Franciscan Seculars

Gregg Thompson

Tracy Thorne

Michael Tierney , Goldman Sachs (Retired)

Andrew Tobin, Former Arizona House Speaker 2010-2014

Edward Tonnessen

Hilary Towers

Martin Triggs

Victoria Tripp

Kerry Troup

Patrick Tully, Sr., University of Scranton

StClair Tweedie

Erik Twist, Arcadia Education

John P. Twohy

Eric Ueland

Kristen Ullman, President, Eagle Forum

Cathy Vale

Claire Valente

Christine Valosin, Lay Carmelite

Malachi Van Tassell, TOR, President, St. Francis University

David Vanderhooft, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, Boston College

Rafael Vargas

Amy Varin

Jill Vice

Andre Villeneuve, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Catholics for Israel

Susan Virgilio

Evelyn Birge Vitz, Professor Emerita of French, New York University

Diego von Stauffenberg, Drexel Group

Todd Voss

David Wagner, Free Families Foundation

Jeremy Wagner, St. John’s Seminary

Christopher Waldron

Thomas Wale

Diane Walker, Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina

Jill Wallace

Shannon Walsh

John Walter

Mary Ward

Lory Warren

Jesse Watson

Katherine Weesner

George Weigel, PhD, Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies, EPPC

Elizabeth Weisser, Baylor University

Anna Wellisz, The Edmund Burke Foundation

Eric Westby, PhD

Anne White

Patrick Whooley

Laura Wieloch

Brad Wilcox, University of Virginia

David Will

Beverly Willett

Matthew Wilson, Princeton University

Michael Wilson

Sarah Wilson

Bradford Wilson, Princeton University

Thomas Wilson

Ned Windnagel

Suzanne Winkowski

Diane Wisniewski

Tara Wivell

Christopher James Wolfe, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of St Thomas

Margaret Wysocki

Lissette Yellico

Paz Zorita

Luanne Zurlo

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