May 3, 2024

It's time for Christians to set aside their differences

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by Luke Moon

Dear friends,

At our rally in New York City on April 25, I witnessed the beauty of Christians from many different theological traditions and backgrounds coming together under one common purpose: supporting Israel and the Jewish people in a time of crisis. Not a single Christian who attended this rally agreed with each other 100%, but we stood shoulder to shoulder.

We’re in a moment in history where we’ve never seen evil on display so clearly as it’s happening. Hamas live-streamed and filmed every act they committed on October 7th, murdering innocent women and children and other innocent civilians for the entire world to see.

In this pivotal moment where Jews are direct targets for vile antisemitism and acts of terror around the world and here in the U.S., my expectation is for Christians to stand shoulder to shoulder against the evil we are seeing in our world today. Moral clarity is needed, and Christians should be the first to set the example in this scenario. I love this quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian who stood up against the evil of the Nazis in Germany.

“We must finally stop appealing to theology to justify our reserved silence about what the state is doing — for that is nothing but fear. ‘Open your mouth for the one who is voiceless’ — for who in the church today still remembers that that is the least of the Bible’s demands in times such as these?”

There is no perfect spokesman or woman for this cause, but we shouldn’t let that keep us from standing in solidarity with our Jewish friends. Next week, we will march, worship, and pray again in Los Angeles as a united Christian front.

Will you join us?

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