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The Philos Action League is a new initiative that aims to gather Christians to stand in unity with our Jewish brothers and sisters against antisemitism.

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Why the white rose?

The rose in the PAL logo pays homage to the Nazi resistance group, the White Rose, which started in Germany in the 1940s.

A group of friends and university students were the initial members of the White Rose, focusing on educating their peers on the problems with Nazism in their community and building a network to disseminate information and stand up against hatred and tyranny.

The same hatred of the Jewish people found under Nazi Germany manifests itself today. Just as the White Rose was a group of friends and young leaders who focused on educating against the injustices of their day, PAL is a network of friends committed to educating their communities and showing up to confront antisemitism.

There are many ways to take a stand against antisemitism. Get started with this list:

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    Sign our #WeResolve pledge

    Our #WeResolve pledge was written to encourage Christians across the world to make a commitment to combat antisemitism wherever and whenever it arises. Sign the pledge below!

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    Use the button above to become a member of the league today.

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    Watch Hope in the Holy Land

    We helped make Hope in the Holy Land, a feature length film, to provide a Christian response to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Watch Hope in the Holy Land

Sign the #WeResolve pledge today

Antisemitism is an attack on me, my faith, and my community – and it must be stopped. My faith demands that I resist all forms of bigotry, but especially bigotry against the people who first taught the world that all men and women deserve life, freedom, and equality under God.

I resolve to educate myself and others about anti-Jewish hatred and to confront that hatred wherever I see it.

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