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Qatar Steps in to Alleviate the Energy Crisis in Gaza

By Rachel Kaye Estelle

“Electricity is a basic right. Why have I been deprived of it?” Residents of the Gaza Strip are fed up with the energy shortage and are looking for answers.


What is the Real Obstacle to a Two-State Solution?

By Joyclynn Potter

Ambassador Samantha Power’s abstention from U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334 marked an unprecedented departure from longstanding United States policy toward Israel.

Thank you to the Philos Project for an excellent, unique experience in Israel. I greatly appreciate the fair and insightful way they handled complex issues, and am especially grateful at how careful they were to show us the people – the real people, the diverse people – who live in that land. Philos is working hard to create a new conversation about Israel and the Middle East and they’re doing a terrific job. I commend their work wholeheartedly.

— Russell Moore

President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission