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By Jessie Owen Payne

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is disqualified from running for office again and the Trump Administration revisits the nuclear deal.


Hidden Terrorists: The Reality of Homegrown Extremism

By Jonny Gamet

Terrorism isn’t confined to the Middle East. The threat of homegrown terrorism not only exists, it is in the rise in the United States today. A look at HBO’s documentary “Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma.”

religious freedom

It’s Time to Focus on Religious Freedom in America’s Foreign Policy

By Kristin Wright

International religious freedom cannot wait. It is time for the United States to stop turning a blind eye to this crucial issue.


In Turkey, the Victims Change but the Regime Remains the Same

By Uzay Bulut

On April 16, the Turkish voters approved the Justice and Development Party’s constitutional amendment package to shift to an executive presidential system.

Thank you to the Philos Project for an excellent, unique experience in Israel. I greatly appreciate the fair and insightful way they handled complex issues, and am especially grateful at how careful they were to show us the people – the real people, the diverse people – who live in that land. Philos is working hard to create a new conversation about Israel and the Middle East and they’re doing a terrific job. I commend their work wholeheartedly.

— Russell Moore

President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission