Antisemitism is rising inside and outside the Middle East, and this year The Philos Project is taking a stand. Our Christianity demands that we confront hatred of every kind, but especially hatred of the very people who brought our faith to the world.

Human dignity, truth, freedom, justice — these are the Hebraic values that lie at the heart of our work. Join us this year as we promote those values on behalf of the Jewish people and all the peoples of the world.



The Philos Project published a petition aimed at the the Egyptian minister of Youth and Sport and the president of FIFA to to open an investigation and work to end all the sectarian discrimination against Coptic Christians in the Egyptian soccer clubs.


Terror & Hope: Christians of the Middle East is a photography collection that provides a comparison of the lives of Christians living in the Middle East. 


Rise is a campaign that equips Christians with the resources to organize prayer vigils and offer support to persecuted Christians in Iraq.


The Philos Project Fellows are carefully handpicked for a combination of their placement in their respective cultures, their vision, their talents, and their deep understanding of The Philos Project and its vision. 

They are our eyes and ears on the ground, spearheading our programming and initiates on the ground. Find out more about their special projects.